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The Principles of Carrots Bridges & Horizons

Carrots, Bridges &  Horizons” is a contemplative & consultive Leadership thought process that when used effectively will consistently create “win-win” scenarios for both the leaders, managers and employees across an organization.  Consistent results through ‘win-win’ Leadership!

At the core of this mind set, are 3 basic principles…

1) Carrots, (in lieu of Whips).  The importance in providing positive motivation at all levels of the organization, in a variety of forms, from as basic as a ‘job well done acknowledgement’ for peers to see and hear, or a team lunch for successful completion of a major task or deadline met.  Training for an employee, or an extra day’s paid vacation are just a few other tangible forms of recognition that employees thrive on. This motivation can even include incentives, such as annuals rewards,  such as trophyies, awards, or bonuses, stock options, or opportunities to advance within an organization. The use of  ‘the Whip’, or negative motivation is  an absolute last, but real resort.

2) Bridges, (in lieu of Walls).  The importance of teaming across multiple disciplines in an organization is an undervalued strength in the waiting.  Across the majority of companies, I dare say, walls have been built that thrive to keep other departments out.  Credit & Collections stays away from Sales.  Sales just does not understand what is going on in Operations.  Traffic & Dispatch cannot understand H/R requirements.  All these are real examples, common across more organizations then most senior managers care to know or admit.  This second principle strives to tear down the walls & build bridges across these varied departments to eliminate island groups & create a stronger appreciation for cross functional teams.  The devil is not in the detail, the Profits are!  A mutual appreciation & understanding of how & why these fellow employees go to work & what drives them is critical to the success of all employees & the ultimate success of the organization overall.

3) Horizons, (in lieu of Tunnels).  Limited vision and focus within a department or management team severely limits their potential and ultimate ability to grow in terms of both scale & scope.  The past is just a benchmark. Too much effort & focus is often spent looking in the rearview mirror at what is known (good or bad). Greater attention needs to be geared toward what is in front of your organization, across the horizon, with no end or limitations in sight. The ability to explore with an open mind approach that is shared across multiple disciplines & departments can reenergize & again maximize an organization’s potential.

When these 3 principles are united & used in concert with each other across an organization, starting with the endorsement of senior management/leadership in both words & repeated action, … a  truly dynamic, motivated & virtually unstoppable team is created to solidify the organization for years to come.

As basic as the ideas sound, some of these will fly in the face of corporations or founders/ senior managers that had the best intent initially but have literally lost touch.  In this day & age of economic uncertainty for individuals & companies, getting back to such basics is just what the doctor ordered.

Carrots, Bridges & Horizons!  Consistent Results through ‘win-win’ Leadership!

 Chris A. O’Connor

President & ‘Your CFO’

(781) 956-2706

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  1. January 22, 2011 5:06 PM

    Excellent points Chris! Particuarly like the Horizon principle as it seems more often than not leadership does not clearly communicate vision due to:
    1. Leaders themselves lack clarity on where they want the team/organizagtion to end up.
    2. Don’t see the value in aligning team with vision and goals.

    Regardless, when 1 and 2 are inadequate chaos ensues.

    Love your philosophy!

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