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2 Words Only – Name the single most important trait / factor employers should look for in their employees?

June 19, 2013

What is the 1 single most important trait or factor that employers should look for in their employees? You can give 2 words in your answer. Let’s focus on executive/director level employees.

Last month I asked the question concerning the “1 word required to make a great leader.” You could only give a 1 word response. This month let’s turn it around a bit.

Think about all the classified & job openings out there on LinkedIn, Monster, Careerbuilder, Ladders, Indeed & so many more.  Consider the role of recruiters, headhunters & specialty placement firms, as well as human resource & talent acquisition personnel inside hiring companies. Let’s limit this to executive / director level jobs …. Regardless of the position, discipline or industry – what is the single most important trait or factor that employers should look for?

You will regularly see requirements such as…  “must have 10 years specific industry experience”  … “must be CPA“, …”must have sales experience” … “must have worked for Fortune 100 company” … must, must, must….

For my time, money & opinion – I offer “Demonstrated Results.”  I think Experience is way overrated.  Last year I was asked to support 3 gentleman who had 90 years banking & finance experience combined. Their experience looked great, but their results… 3 failed banks & 1 bankrupt company.  I am all for learning from your mistakes, but I require a much stronger win/loss record.  You can have 20 years experience & never accomplish anything. Some folks aim to survive, rather than thrive. Keep our head down & cruise under the radar.  I will take a proven winner & train him/her regardless of their specific industry experience every day of the week.

If you are an Engineer, or Doctor,  – than yes specific expertise is needed.  I  firmly believe however, that H/R & Finance roles can readily cross virtually any vertical industry.  I think Sales roles (even technical sales roles) should be able to cross most any vertical as well. Winners find a way to accomplish their goals.

Your turn….  So are what is that one trait or factor…  is it – industry experience?, skills?, expertise?, leadership?, honesty?, trust?, integrity?, drive?, open-minded?, faith?, positive?, results?, personality?, humor?, humble?, caring?, assertive?, passionate?, character?, chemistry?, loyalty? supportive?,  What do you think?  2 words to define 1 trait or factor.

Do you see this factor or trait at the front of the classified posting for your next executive/director?  If it is most important, why isn’t it?  Why do companies & recruiters compromise from the start?

Thanks for reading & offering your opinion.

Continued Blessings!

Chris O’Connor

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  1. September 17, 2013 4:58 AM

    Passionate Results.

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