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Is the word ‘Sufficient’ acceptable to use in business & charities?

May 9, 2013

I believe the word “Sufficient” is totally unacceptable in business & charities.  Yet some people are unmasked when they accept it.

There are people in need…  9 out of 10 local agencies / ministries that distribute food are SPREADING THE WORD to get people the food they so desperately need across Southern Orange County.  You can make a difference too!

“Love thy neighbor” – sound familiar?

  • Do you know anyone unemployed or under-employed?
  • Maybe a single parent with kids?
  • How about any elderly neighbors?
  • Are you having trouble making ends meet?
  • How about your neighbor? Can you help them?



The 3 biggest issues…

  1. No marketing funds to get the needed info & resources out to the public.
  2. It’s sad how proud people are.  They are embarrassed to take charity.
  3. As a result of no marketing, many leaders are insulated & don’t recognize the need to help.

The fact is… Most of us will never understand what it is to “Truly Give”… until we have personally received.  Humble yourself, and your Heart will feel so incredible. You will want to ‘Give’ like never ever before.

Someone in a position of authority & control recently told me when I was asking for their support to get more food for the needy… “Our support for them is sufficient….”  What does that mean? It makes me sick to hear clueless people speak like that. Folks that never had to use a food bank or miss a meal.  The same people who are outward ‘leaders’ in the community, are merely talking but not walking.  They make token efforts & spend more time touting their contributions versus spending time making a real difference. “Our support for them is sufficient. This matter is not a high priority for me at the present time (although it seems to be a high priority for you), because there are other administrative matters requiring my time, energy, and attention…”   (Yep, said it in writing!) – Like raising $1.9m, a person of the people, hiding behind their desk.  It’s okay to ask for help & talk about ‘sacrificial giving’, but do as I say, not as I do. One Way Street.  How do you understand the needs of people if you make administrative matters the higher priority?

In my passionate opinion, this person & their food bank director have NO right to say such things – especially when it costs them nothing to feed more people, get more food & spread the word. They were offered a program that is fully funded, but they refused the offer to be part of it.  Why? They think they are doing a good job & most importantly, they like the power & control – Sufficient is acceptable when they are not personally affected…. But in fact they are not business savvy & as a result are unwittingly cheating on both sides…

  • Are they making the most of donations they get?
  • Are they getting as much food as possible to give the needy? 
  • Isn’t there an obligation to make the most of blessings given?

Does ‘sufficient’ mean: Be happy for what we give you. ?? OR…  Are they walking in the shoes of the people humbled & forced to come ask for food. These people who have to go from food bank to food bank every week to make ends meet? Yes – Many of these families have jobs & are still struggling. What does sufficient mean?

  • Do your kids get ‘sufficient grades’ – Are “C’s” acceptable in your book?
  • What is ‘sufficient care’ for a sick patient look like?  Take 2 aspirin & call me in the morning?
  • Sufficient – to a food wholesaler means a “10% discount” & they still make a healthy profit.
  • Sufficient – to an on-site director handing out the food means “be thankful for what we give you.”
  • Sufficient – to an off-site administrator (who hasn’t visited site 5 times in 5 yrs), is ‘taking the word of a controlling director’.
  • BUT, Sufficient to a Hungry under/ unemployed family means – ‘enough food & fresh produce for the next week, not just 3-4 days & forced to worry where the next meal is coming from.’
  • Do you ask HOW your donations are spent? Not only the percentage, but HOW is it spent!We made ‘sufficient’ use of the money donated. We didn’t necessarily get the best deal, but it all went to a good cause and a preferred vendor in our community.  (Yep – a wholesaler that gave a mere 10% dsct. Sarcastic WOW!) – Fact is you paid on average well over 50 cent/pound versus opportunity to get 5,000 pounds of fresh produce for free. Why not do both!  Do their Donors know this FACT?
  • ‘We sufficiently help people, but our policy is not tell them about other resources in the community.’ They refuse to hand out flyers to clients.  “Our Food Bank will not be directing persons to other food banks, nor will our food bank be passing out flyers…”  (Yes – in writing!) WHY NOT? This is not a competition!  This flyer contains information listing other resources all across South Orange County in the area (211 sheet), that people need. WHY refuse to hand this out?! There are absolutely NO legal conflicts in handing out flyers with resources to the needy.  9 out of 10 similar agencies/ministries have no problem handing out such flyers.

We all should expect more & can in fact do more. A ‘C’ grade is only acceptable when you have done your utmost best effort & come up short. Have you ever read John Wooden’s definition of success?  “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of …”

These knuckleheads sure haven’t.  Fortunately – 9 of 10 local agencies do walk the talk.

We need businesses to step up to the task as well.

$300. (with banner) buys 10,000 lbs of food which feeds 500 people for a week in your local South Orange County communities.  That is 3 cents a pound!  Even cheaper if you don’t want banner!  Tell me where you can buy any food for 3 cents a pound & have it delivered to a Food Bank?!  This is efficient x10.  Won’t your business HELP?

We MUST aim higher.

There must be an effort to exceed ‘”sufficient giving” to approach “sacrificial & bountiful giving”.

If every business gave $200 or $300, once a year, we could support the 427 agencies around Orange County dedicated to helping feed the hungry in your communities on a weekly basis!
In these hard economic times, there are more & more families that unfortunately need help. Not just the homeless but under-employed, hardworking families too.
We MUST go beyond the minimal ‘sufficient’ support & attempt to walk in the shoes of those in need & often too proud to seek help.

(Luke 12:48) “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to who they entrusted much, they will demand more.”  Our ‘leaders’ need to walk the talk.

News Flash – Sufficient is not acceptable in BUSINESS today.  It should NOT be acceptable in Charity either.

Wake up call – Charity is a Business. Charity involves fund raising (business development), volunteer (H/R) support, logistics, supply chain, promotion, distribution, payables & collections, data collection, IT, & legal reporting.  All Business functions! If you want the best for the people you are supporting (CRM), do not allow use of the word – “Sufficient”.  It sure sounds like ‘average, good enough.’

Did Jesus ever say – ’good enough’… or ‘that’s sufficient.’??

What are the 2 greatest commandments again?… You will Love God sufficiently with your heart, mind, soul & strength… & love your neighbor sufficiently as you sufficiently love yourself….  ??  I don’t think so!

Another dear friend & mentor once told me… “If you don’t give 100% effort & try your hardest, you are cheating God & cheating yourself.”  

I guess they are also cheating their donors & the many folks in need too.  There is a lesson here.  Don’t make the same mistake this isolated organization made. It is far less painful to learn from other people’s mistakes & poor judgment.

So when I hear a knucklehead tell me that they sufficiently provide for the hungry & won’t Spread the Word nor give flyers to the ‘clients’ they see regularly… it obviously gets me going…  I know they have read James 2:14-26.   Faith Without Works Is Dead.  Hey, I was a late bloomer & needed a slap upside the head myself.  Pray for the 1 in 10 that doesn’t get it. It is time our ‘leaders’ to Walk the talk!

We can do more.  Spread the Word!  Love your neighbor & let’s feed more people folks!

Contact me & I will get you needed info for all the local agencies/ resources in South Orange County, CA, to help them!  Don’t be 1 of 10… Make a difference & Spread the Word!

Fellowship In Business Food Pantry is officially on the map!  Making a huge difference in Rancho Santa Margarita & surrounding communities!  10,000 pounds of Food, (50% fresh produce), delivered for distribution for only $200!  ($300 if your company wants a banner.)  On 4//18/13, within 4 hours all 10,000 pounds were distributed…  to 18 families, 32 seniors, & 9 ministries/ agencies in South Orange County + 1 Abbey!  WOW!   Please Spread the Word!  In the future, with the help of business leaders, like you, Fellowship In Business will offer to subsidize Mobile Pantries across all of Orange County in cooperation with Second Harvest.

For more information call or write to: The Bell Tower Foundation, 23361 Cobblefield, Mission Viejo, CA 92692

Do you need food or know someone who does?  Next distribution date is Thursday 5/16,  1pm-6pm,  at The Bridge Church parking lot, 30162 Tomas, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92692

Don’t Accept “Sufficient!”

F.A.M.I.L.Y. – Forget About Me, I Love You.

Chris O’Connor

Executive Director – Fellowship In Business

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  1. June 1, 2013 8:24 PM

    Chris, BRAVO!

    Please check out this ministry and contact… I think you will find an ally here:
    From all I’ve heard from people who know him personally( I do not I don’t live near there) and what I see, his heart and yours look to be about Kingdom Dynamics for positive change in your city! Blessings.

  2. permalink
    May 10, 2013 12:37 AM

    <td style="text-align: left; background-repeat: no-repeat;" align="left"; height="64" colspan="1" background="cid:top@796e460bf63fa04742ede5f049d0b661"Chris,Well said and very true!Best,  Brian L. Mott  President  294 Ascott Lane  Woodstock, GA  30189  (C) 678-770-1885  The information contained in this communication (including any attachments hereto) is confidential and is intended solely for the personal and confidential use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient or an agent responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that you have received this communication in error and that any review, dissemination, copying, or unauthorized use of this information, or the taking of any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify us immediately by e-mail, and delete the original message. Thank you 

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