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Fellowship In Business

June 16, 2012

Far too many professionals live with what I choose to call an “Uncomfortable Dichotomy”
Most people are good and mean well.
Yet business can be cut throat, “Survival of the fittest!”
Too many of us bring business home with us. Not enough of us bring faith & family values to work.
There is a better way!

With the support of Fellowship, You & I can influence “Doing Business for the Right Reasons.”

Capitalism & Faith can co-exist & thrive with a balance. A genuine leader cares for their people. They thrive at filling themselves up & sharing the abundance as it continually overflows. This can relate to both faith & profits! It is the basis of what Servant Leadership is truly all about.

What are the “Right Reasons”?

Faith – Regardless of our religion, The ‘Golden Rule’ has universal commonality. It needs to be at the core of our actions, regardless of our religious affiliation. The mere word “Fellowship” can put folks on edge. “Is this a Christian thing?” Not for me. I proudly stand in front of my Religious faith, but I also believe – “Don’t let Religion get in the way of your relationship with God.” Some of my dearest friends are not Christian, but they do more for their employees & the community than even most pastors talk about. I have had my Spiritual Marker & I firmly believe in Actions speak louder than words. To paraphrase… James 2:26 – Faith is hollow without Actions.

 Family – We want to take care of our loved ones. Are we working for them? Or because of them? Have we asked them what they want from us? We use our family as a crutch, an excuse to work longer & buy more things. It took me a long time to figure out the errors of my ways.

Work – Whether you run your own company, or answer to a boss or shareholders, is there a ‘win-win’ strategy for you & your team? It isn’t always about the money. Recognition, security, trust, training – we set the standard. Everyone makes mistakes. Do we learn from ours but penalize others? Why are we in business? What is the purpose of your business? To make a Profit to exist? To Exist to make profits? To serve a need/want/satify the customer? To Satify a personal need of fulfillment & accomplishment? You have your own reasons. I challenge you to think deeply about it. What are the means. (or tools) & what are the end results/goals? The fact is these all are linked & weaved together. One can NOT exist without the other. Far too many managers, owners & workers forget this. Some of them are misguided leaders, that the crowd blindly follows.

Community – A strong village and network benefits your business. Share your abundance & blessings. I am not a Hillary Clinton fan. I won’t delve into my political slantings, but I do agree in the axiom – “It takes a village …” not only to raise a child, but support & care for the common good of your neighbor, coworker, & family & relatives. This is merely a restatement of the “Golden Rule”. You will reap what you sow.

Time – We can’t turn back the clock, but we can favorably impact today & tomorrow to benefit all the other balls we are juggling above. Do you know your children? Do you know your employees? Really?!

Money – It is the root of all evil, & so too… is the lack of money. The problems start when money is the only ball we watch and drop all the others.

Proper Perspective – The challenge of juggling Faith, Work, Family, Time & Money.
Our drive, competitiveness & pressures keep us out of balance.
This is a true challenge. I have struggled with it for quite some time. I fall off the horse & need to get back on. Thankfully I have an awesome wife & a kids that tolerate me, & give me the occassional ‘dope slap’ to wake me up.

I know we can make a difference with a “Fellowship In Business”

This is still in the development stages… but I can tell you what I envision what “We are & are not” …

We are…
• Not Life Coaches. ($10k/yr)
• Not Vistage or Renaissance. ($7k yr)
• Not Convene or C12 Group. ($10k/yr)

We are…

  • Faith based & believe in a higher power & calling.
  • Willing to extend a hand & share with other like-minded leaders to help grow an abundance in our work & share the overflow with charities in the community.
  • Brothers & sisters, united as a Fellowship In Business.

Fellowship In Business presents an opportunity for successful executives to create Synergies and Share:

  • Your history and faith basis Life Lessons, (success & failures)
  • Opportunities to “play it forward”
  • High-lighting best practices & Improvement opportunities for your business
  • Outreach to Charities Confidentiality and
  • Friendship Servant Leadership by example

Share your faith, ideals, dreams & challenges with fellow successful executives in confidence to make a difference!

Companies have professional board of directors.
As an Executive, do you have a “personal board of advisors” that you can trust for guidance, support, expertise & challenges as you navigate work & life issues?

Join us – with Faith, Hope & Charity & Profitability. We stand united, trusting and holding each other accountable.

You can help set the standard for other local companies in your community to follow!

In the coming months our Website will go live & locally you can help make a difference!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. January 23, 2013 2:34 AM

    Does your website have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to send you an e-mail.
    I’ve got some creative ideas for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it improve over time.

  2. August 16, 2012 9:50 PM

    Excellent. I definitely could not have said it better myself.

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