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Welcome to Carrots, Bridges and Horizons!

December 6, 2010

I’ve never considered myself real handy with tools or super creative in the right side of my brain.  Imagine for a second how it feels if /when you need to re-invent yourself!   Put another way, I somehow needed to take a look at myself from a virtual cloud, trying to take an impartial view of who that person is, what his values are, what is he really good at, what do I love & hate to do.  This is only step one! This is no easy task.  Most people fortunately or not, wouldn’t dream of trying to do this.  Why would anyone want to or have to anyhow?   (What the heck is this guy talking about?)

There are plenty of resources available to help folks thru step one.  There are personality profiles,  behavior & value assessments, feedback from family, friends, co-workers & professionals.  You (I) need to wade thru this info & analyze it.  Next, take a step back, do I agree with this info or not? … Again, sometimes it’s hard to look at oneself in the mirror.  I can’t omit an important tool, sometimes forgotten, buried at the bottom of the toolbox.  I’m referring to Prayer.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to get high & mighty or preach,  it’s just good to use this powerful tool more often than just dire cases.  (What does this have to do with carrots?)

Most recently I was compelled to make what some folks might think was a rash decision. Without getting into the details & motivations, I left the safety & security(FYI, the lowest tier in Maslow’s hierarchy) of my job to explore other opportunities.  Personally I think I am ahead of the curve. In this economy where more & more companies are cutting incentive plans & benefits, outsourcing, freezing  salaries, …  how many employees are sitting tight, just waiting & saying “They’ll get theirs, I’ll make my move for more money & opportunity when the economy recovers.”  When will that be?  Who knows… How many people will have the motivation to get off their duffs to actually do it …  It’s hard enough to get folks to vote once a year… you think they’re gonna make a ballsy move like this!  Complacency & ambivalence unfortunately rules the day in the general public … Carpe Diem be damned.

Okay, so we (I) completed step one. We’ll talk about results later.  I identified my talents, skill set,  what I want to do when I grow up! (regardless of how old I am.)  Step two: Where can I use these talents? Who will hire me or utilize these skills? Do I want to start my own business, consult?  I needed to target & focus my view of what industry,  what ideal position,  what type of company do I want to work for?   It has to be a two way street.  This is important to remember.   Step two is actually harder than step one… consider it a steep hill you are hiking.  The good aspect of both these initial steps is you (I) am in control.

Step three is arguably the longest, most drawn out & hardest.  You need to create a Value Proposition for the folks you are targeting. This is essentially your marketing plan.  The question to continually ask yourself is “What’s in it for them?” It’s important to assume the role of your target audience.  Why would your target want to even talk to you?  You have the resume (customized as needed),  & accomplishments,  specialities & LinkedIn profile, blah blah blah.  You can respond to advertisements,  e-mails,  talk to recruiters & most importantly – Network, network, network!  This is admittedly the hardest part so far for me. I’m still evolving in this step/phase.

I admittedly don’t have all the answers & I won’t bore you with the tedious details even though this initial blog is admittedly longer than expected.  Here is what I do know….

I’m not your classic CFO. I’m Operations oriented.
The devil isn’t in the detail, the Profits are!
I espouse driving financials & cash flow thru operational efficiency & getting my hands dirty knowing my business/company by knocking down walls, building teams & creating ‘win-win’ scenarios up, down & across the entire organization.  I’m really, really good at what I do.
I was blessed 20 years ago & I’m always striving for Proper Perspective!
God, Family & Work.  The ratios shouldn’t be equal. I constantly need to better balance these.  Friends belong in this equation too. I’ve got work to do there as well.
For the past 2+ years, I have given my heart & soul to my company.  14 months were without my family, as I moved to CA from NH without them to find a home & get the company cooking with all burners.  I totally lost focus of what Proper Perspective really was & it was 100% my own fault.
Today I live in Mission Viejo, CA, with my wonderful wife & 4 children.   It has taken them some time to get used to California.   I am loving it out here. I’m happy to be & feel like a family again!
So a little more about me…
Old School
Change Agent
Cash Flow
Bottom Line
Top Line
The Packers
The Bears
I’m on the market now & looking to build a career with a privately held company (or non profit) that is focused on the future & long term oriented where I can share my talents & be part of the decision making process to grow the company.  I am comfortable in construction, commercial business to business & manufacturing.
I bring a track record of increased responsibilities over the past 20+ years in finance & operations. My most recent Executive level success was turning around a top line oriented company, resulting in record profits & cash flow. I’m detail oriented, but prefer to look at the big picture, strategically balancing short & long terms goals for my company.
Carrots, Bridges & Horizon’s
Consistent results through ‘win-win’ Leadership

Thanks for taking time to visit my Blog!
Continued Success !
Chris O’Connor

C) 781-956-2706

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